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9 May

The day has finally arrived where we are taking our tees global! We have now set up our store to allow international shipping.

To celebrate this giant leap forward in our quest to take over the world, we’d like to offer all of you a 10% discount on your next order. Simply enter the code OMC10 at checkout.

Purple hearts to all,

Renaissance Girl

“Saving the world, one “EPIC” tee at a time”



7 Sep

If you haven’t been to our website lately, we have about six new tees that we’ve added to our line. The tee above is one of my favorites. Although I have zero tattoos,  I’ve always found finger tattoos fascinating. This fascination coupled with the belief that those with this “Crooklyn” aka above the law mentality (Lindsey Lohan, T.I., DMX, Paris Hilton) always seem to compromise their freedom is what brought on this design…

Click here to check out this tee at our store.

Purple hearts to all,

Renaissance Girl,

“Saving the world, one “EPIC” tee at a time”

Renaissance Girl Presents…Off My Chest Tees

9 Apr

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the brand new blog for our upcoming t-shirt line “Off My Chest Tees.” This blog will be used as a way for us to communicate with you about our tees, the ups and downs of starting this line, and whatever random thoughts pop into our heads. Can’t wait to show you all of the designs and creative things we have coming your way.

In the meantime, feel free to leave comments and soon we will post the link to our “Off My Chest Tees” website where you will find Pop Culture, Politics, and Parody on a tee.

Purple Hearts to all,





Renaissance Girl,
Saving the World one “EPIC” tee shirt at a time!!