About Us

Off My Chest Teeswas born when the real life “Renaissance Girl” was just a budding Superhero in the 10th grade. A slave to fashion and all things creative, Renaissance Girl dreamed about designing a line of tees with funny sayings and quirky designs that would make people laugh, look good, and ultimately make a statement. However, with bigger tasks at hand, Renaissance Girl put the tee-shirt idea on hold and continued on her quest to save the world.

Several years zipped by before the Tee-shirt Gods struck again. This time Renaissance Girl, who now had a growing collection of tees, decided to use her Superpowers to whip up a collection of one-of-a-kind tees that could be worn by all.

And so it begins…with pop-culture, politics, and parody on a tee. Join us as a new Superhero takes flight on a different kind of journey to save the world…one “EPIC” tee-shirt at a time.

We hope you enjoy our custom tees as much as we’ve enjoyed designing them. And just in case you want to get in good with the tee-shirt Gods, use some of your own Superpowers to tell a friend (or a hundred) about our awesome tees!

Purple hearts to all,

Renaissance Girl and Co.
Saving the world…one “EPIC” tee-shirt at a time


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