10 Jun

Let’s talk inspiration. Out of all of the tees I’ve designed thus far for the “Off My Chest Tees” webstore, the “God Is My Biggest Fan” tee has definitely got to be my favorite. You ever feel so blessed in life that you’re just overcome with this indescribable feeling of greatness?

Well, my inspiration for this tee came after one Saturday evening I spent with some of my girlfriends.  We met up for dinner and chatted the night away about the changes that were happening in our lives, our future goals, and family. Things got so good, that even our waitress  joined in on the conversation. I remember going home that night feeling really lucky to have these people in my life that could put off such a warm and positive aura that even strangers would feel comfortable joining in on our plethora of conversations.

The following day, while having dinner with my beau, Quintessential Boy, I just looked at him and said “You know what, I really feel like God Is My Biggest Fan.” Later that night, I came home and created the design you see above.  You see, although I’m not the most religious person in the world, I definitely feel as though you can NEVER ignore or deny God’s presence in life.

Purple Hearts to All,

Renaissance Girl,
Saving the World one “EPIC” tee shirt at a time!!


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